Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shop online and Earn Cash Back!!! :)

Hey fans, I found a new way to shop online and get great deals while earning CASH back! It's great because there's over 4500 stores to shop at, they have privately labeled products at great prices and there's a customer manager assigned to the site to help you if you need it! :)

The site is called www.bvemporium.net and it's FREE to join! All you have to do is put my email address couponcousins@yahoo.com as the one who referredyou an that's it! When you shop, you earn cash back. When the cash back reaches $10 you can request a check sent to your home, it's THAT simple.
 Plus! When you refer YOUR friends and they use YOUR email as a referral,you earn 1/2% on their purchases everytime they shop! What better way doyou know of to make money when you shop!?

 You can also LIKE BV Emporium on facebook to see deals that are
 posted. I spoke to the owner and she has given me permission to post this, so lo on today and begin earning money when you shop.

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