Thursday, July 21, 2011

How To Play Bingo!!

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I will post a status and ask you for 5 numbers between 1-50!! I will give you about 7-8 minutes to get your numbers in.

Than I will close the game and post a new status,where I will call numbers.I will call 3 at a time and you must get all 5 of your numbers(doesn't have to be in the order you posted them in) And be the FIRST to post bingo under that status.To win!!

I play for all different prizes and I have a mystery prize.If you win a mystery prize, All I ask is that when you recieve it if you would post a pic so everyone can see what you won.There are some pics up of what others have won on my fb page.

And please do not comment while numbers are being called unless you have bingo!!!I will verify each bingo!!

All bingo prizes are mailed out on WED. OR FRIDAY'S of the week we play in.!!!

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